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The Village of Malvern Tax Office will be happy to provide assistance. If you are in need of forms or have any questions regarding current year estimated payments, the filing of the annual Village of Malvern Income tax return or employee withholding, please feel free to call or visit the Tax Office (no appointment is necessary). The tax office is open Tuesday from 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM and Wednesday from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, or by appointment. Call (330) 863-1316 to make arrange an appointment.


The Village of Malvern Tax Ordinance requires that all Malvern residents (18 years or older) must file, whether or not their municipal income tax has been fully withheld by their employers.  All non-residents with income earned within Malvern or with income taxable to the Village of Malvern that is not fully withheld by an employer are required to file a Malvern Income Tax Return.  All non-residents engaged in a business within the Village of Malvern which has sales, services performed or rental property must file a tax return whether or not tax is due.  All entities operating a business within or doing business within the Village of Malvern must file an annual Malvern income tax return on net profits/losses.

 You are required to include the front page of your federal 1040 form with your Village of Malvern tax form.  With this addition, your Village tax return will be considered complete.  Amended Ordinance No. 16-2013, passed by Village Council December 16, 2013, requires this.  It can be seen on the Ordinance page of this website.


Ohio House Bill 5

Pursuant to the passage of Amended Substitute House Bill 5 in December 2014, new municipal income tax guidelines mandated by the State of Ohio have been established effective with Tax Years beginning January 1,2016 and after. Tax returns and payments for Tax Years beginning prior to January 1, 2016, regardless of the actual filing or payment date, are unaffected by the provisions of Ohio House Bill 5.Details of the new Ohio municipal income tax guidelines can be found in Chapter 718 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) located at:

Numerous changes are mandated by HB 5, but those requiring action in early 2016 (for Tax Year 2016 and after) include the following Changes to filing due date for employer withholding:

Withholding remittance and payment must be received by the tax administrator no later than the 1Sth day of the month following the reporting period. See ORC Section 718.03.

Changes to monthly and quarterly withholding thresholds:

Employers must remit monthly if withholding in the previous calendar year exceeded $2,399 OR if the amount required to be withheld during any month of the previous calendar quarter exceeded $200.
See ORC Section 718.03.

Withholding guidelines for employers with transient workers; and for those employers qualified as a "small employer': Details are available at the ORC Chapter 718 link above.
See ORC section 718.011.

Changes to estimated tax payment requirements and due dates:

Estimated payments are required for businesses$and individuals expecting to owe $200 or more in non-withheld tax. Estimated tax payment due dates:  15th day of 4th month, 15th day of the 6th month, 1sth day of the 9th month, and 15th day of the 12th month (April 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15 for calendar filers). See ORC section 718.08.

Changes to penalties and interest:

Penalty on unpaid income tax and unpaid estimated income tax: 15% of the amount not timely paid Penalty on unpaid withholding tax: 50% of the amount not timely paid Penalty for failure to file timely return: $25 per month or fraction thereof, regardless of tax liability, up to $150 per return. lnterest will be imposed per annum on all unpaid income tax, unpaid estimated income tax, and unpaid withholding tax.
See ORC section 718.27.



File as early as possible, but no later than April 15. If you were retired or unemployed for the entire tax year, you must supply this information to the tax office by April 15.


An extension with the Village of Malvern is conditionally approved as long as a copy of the Federal extension is sent or faxed to the tax office by April 15 or you have completed a city extension form available at the tax office by April 15. Remember, extensions apply to extending the time to file the tax return…the estimated tax  payment is still due on April 15.


Late-filing penalty – A penalty of $25.00 shall be imposed for filing a return after April 15 without an extension being on file.  Late-payment interest – interest shall be assessed 
at 1 ½% per month, or fraction thereof.


If you expect to owe more than $200 in non-withheld tax to the Village of Malvern by the end of the year, you are required to file a "Declaration of Estimated Tax" with the tax office. The Declaration is located at the bottom of the tax return and should be filed and the 1st quarter paid with the tax return. Estimated tax statements will be mailed for the subsequent forms.

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